I am convinced that contemporary African art is little valued on its own continent.

Too rare events, no art review, few critics, discreet collectors do not encourage the emergence of young talents, yet very numerous.

The recognition of an artist, whether in Europe or in Africa, only appears when he comes from the North, this is linked not only to his talent, but also to meeting the right patron with the right one. Moment.

The creation of international events on the continent such as the Dakar, Bamako or Marrakech Biennials are fine examples. These do not meet the expectations of professionals and museums are sorely lacking in resources.

Improving the cultural infrastructure is crucial for production and how it will be perceived by the public.

The establishment of an intercultural dialogue between Africa and the West is essential for a new definition of contemporary art.

The vision of FOUART GALLERY is to be a major player in African artistic development.

Fouad Saady